African Art 

African Gallery

The Crocker’s collection of sculpture, pottery, textiles, and paintings from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, brings together work form many geographic and cultural regions. The collection spans four continents and features a wide array of objects that demonstrate the craftsmanship, histories, and rich traditions of these artists and cultures.

About the African Art Collection

The Crocker’s African art collection consists of roughly 500 objects from sub-Saharan Africa, made largely in the 19th and 20th centuries. Representing cultures and traditions from a vast geographic area, with particular strengths in West African and Central African sculpture, there are a wide array of works created for events ranging from birth and initiation ceremonies to rites of protection, and objects made for community connection, preservation, and cultural continuity. Examples include exquisite textiles, jewelry, decorative arts, costumes, and pottery, along with sculpted figures, drums, masks, and ceremonial staffs. The collection also includes contemporary paintings and mixed media work reflecting the continent’s continued contributions to modern art.